Highway & Central Garage

Our Mission


The department of 25 full-time employees provides services to keep the Town road system safe for the traveling public, seasonal tasks to react to the northeast environment, and proudly responds to all emergency situations.
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The Highway Department is responsible to maintain the infrastructure and associated road network within the Unincorporated Area of the Town. The department performs a wide array of tasks pertaining to routine maintenance, seasonal, emergency, and special projects. The department also contracts for construction projects and equipment purchases. Street permits for work performed on or within the Town right-of-way are issued and inspected through this department.

Mainly, the department is responsible for all road maintenance issues, including road, sidewalk and curb conditions; street lights, signs, public trees, snow removal, leaf collection, the Town’s sanitary and storm sewer system, and road shoulders within the right-of way. In addition, the department maintains all public parks areas, maintains the fleet of Town-owned vehicles and collects metal waste.

The Department is Not Responsible For...

  • Clearing snow/ice from sidewalks in front of private property.
  • Driveway aprons and all other private property on the right-of-way.
  • Road maintenance on New York State DOT roads - Boston Post Road (US-1) and Weaver Street (Route 125) residents should call 914-592-6557 for issues pertaining to the roadway, curb, sidewalk, trees, traffic lights, traffic signs, and traffic signals.
  • Road maintenance on Westchester County roads - Palmer Avenue and Murray Avenue residents should call 914-995-4951 for issues pertaining to the roadway and trees.
  • Roads not in the Unincorporated Area of the Town, or roads not formally dedicated to the Town.
  • Sanitation and Recycling collection.
  • Trees on private property.
  • Utility poles.
  • Waterways/bridges on private property.