Sanitary & Storm Sewers

The Highway Department maintains 57.5 miles of sanitary sewer lines and 650 manholes. It operates a sewage pump station, which transmits up to 4 million gallons of sewage a day to the Westchester County Treatment Plant. The Town also maintains 1,500 catch basins and approximately 15 miles of storm drains. For information about reporting sanitary or sewer problems, visit the Street-Related Conditions Page.

Sanitary Sewers

The Town maintains and operates an elaborate piping system that transports sanitary wastewater throughout the Town to County owned Water Treatment Facilities. There are approximately 55 miles of pipes ranging from 8 to 24 inches in diameter and connected by a series of 650 manholes in the Town. The Town also operates a pumping station on Baldwin Avenue to boost the wastewater through the system.

Usually, if a back-up occurs in your home, it is caused by your house connection line which must be equipped with a check valve to prevent sanitary water from flowing into your property from the main town line. However, we will check the main line to assure the pipe and manhole are clear and wastewater is flowing.

Report a Problem

Please call the Highway Department at 914-381-7825 to report any sanitary system overflow.

Storm Sewers

Storm water on Town roads is gathered from an entry point of 1,500 catch basins into a network of 15 miles of pipes ranging in sizes from 12 to 72 inches in diameter. The collected water eventually outfalls into the Long Island Sound. To assure clean and uncontaminated runoff, the system requires periodic cleaning and flushing of catch basins. The Town currently performs this task to approximately 600 catch basins per year. The Town sewer division usually performs pre-storm inspections to critical areas to assure there are no blockages in the storm water system.

Several catch basins have been equipped with inserts to capture floatables and other undesirable elements from entering the sound. These inserts have been strategically located throughout the Town. In addition, street sweeping is a best management practice to reduce the amount of road silt that enters the catch basins. Residents can expect the Town roads to be swept 5 to 6 times per year.

Property owners may connect to the Town’s catch basins for overflow and flooding protection but must adhere to strict terms and conditions of an approved street opening permit. Storm water backing up into residences should never occur unless there is an illegal connection into a Town pipe.

Report a Problem

Please call the Highway Department at 914-381-7825 to report a stormwater system overflow in the street.