Sustainability Collaborative


The Sustainability Collaborative works to preserve and enhance the long term viability of the Town from both environmental and fiscal perspectives. The Collaborative serves as an advisor to the Town Board and to such other authorities, boards, departments, committees, commissions and employees of the Town as the Town Board may authorize from time to time.

The Town of Mamaroneck is committed to sustainability - living within our means to protect the Town for the future and to lower current costs. Throughout the past few years the Town has pursued projects that aim to improve the quality of life within the Town, create a more resilient community, and to become a more sustainable community. Sustainability is an important goal for our community in order to protect the natural environment, reduce flooding, reduce energy use and save money, reduce our carbon footprint, reduce noise, calm traffic, improve opportunities for walking and bicycle riding, and to improve water quality. Enhancing our resilience will improve our ability to bounce back quicker and stronger from extreme weather events. Our Sustainability Resources below provide a snap shot of many of the issues the Town has been working on related to sustainability, resiliency, and quality of life.

The Sustainability Collaborative is a volunteer committee created to advise the Town on environmental issues. To date, the Sustainability Collaborative has played a large role in the energy performance contract project which upgraded and improved energy efficiency in the Ice Rink, Town Center, Fire Headquarters, and Town streetlights. The Sustainability Collaborative has also assisted in running sustainability workshops, informing the public about solid waste at our summer concerts, and created a draft "Plan for a Resilient and Sustainable Mamaroneck."

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Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.  Please click here to go to the Agendas/Minutes page.

(Please note:   If you would like to see an agenda or minutes from any Sustainability Collaborative meeting not included in above, please email the sustainability coordinator)


  • Karen Khor, Co-Chair
  • Mark Kramer, Co-Chair
  • Denise Dunn, Member
  • Kevin Crowe, Member
  • George Roniger, Member
  • June Wallach, Member
  • Arlene Novich, Member
  • Mitch Green, Member
  • Mark Manley, Member
  • Sebastian Gold, Student Member
  • Robin Nichinsky, Councilperson and Town Board Liaison


The goals of the Sustainability Collaborative are to make recommendations for:

  • Maintaining and improving the quality of life in the Town
  • Developing programs and protocols designed to prepare, mitigate and/or respond to, and from the aftermath of natural or other disasters
  • Preserving the Town’s natural resources
  • Wherever possible and cost efficient, continuing to deliver the same types and levels of services to the community (or adding to or improving such services or the delivery thereof) in ways that reduce pollution, conserve, or reduce the consumption of energy or make the use of town resources more efficient
  • Improving the Town’s resiliency in combating shortage of supplies and power if such shortages arise
  • Improving the Town’s long term ability to provide basic needs such as fuel, power, food, and water to the community

The Sustainability Collaborative shall consist of ten members with three year terms.

Get Involved

 If you would like to volunteer or be involved with any of our initiatives related to the environment please email the Town Supervisor or the Sustainability Coordinator. 

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Sustainability Resources

  1. 2015 Community Charette
  2. Draft Plan for a Resilient and Sustainable Mamaroneck
  3. A Near Zero Waste Strategy - Mamaroneck, New York (PDF)
  4. Climate Smart Communities Prioritization Guide (PDF)
  5. Complete Streets Resolution (PDF)
  6. Energy Performance Contract - Scope of Work and Savings (PDF)
  7. NFWF Catch Basin Grant (PDF)
  8. Save the Sound press release Long Island Sound water quality
  9. Town Environmental Accomplishments (PDF)
  10. Town of Mamaroneck Green House Gas Inventory (PDF)
  11. What Residents and Businesses can do about Climate Change (PDF)
  12. Rain Barrel Update (PDF)
  13. 2016 Press Release DEC designates Town of Mamaroneck Climate Smart Community
  14. FAQs on Food Scrap Recycling
  15. Hints for Setting up a Zero Waste Holiday Party
  16. 2019 Press Release Healthy Yards Project 
  17. Annual Spring Cleanup 2019
  18. Compost Giveback Day Press Release 2019
  19. 2019 Press Release Plastic Bag Ban 
  20. 2019 Press Release "Love your Food"
  21. 2020 Healthy Yards Brochure
  22. Westchester County Food Waste Report 2020
  23. Repair Cafe Press Release February 2020
  24. Compost Giveback Day May 2020
  25. International Coastal Cleanup Fall 2020
  26. East Coast Greenway Webinar Presentation Fall 2020
  27. Tree Canopy -- White Paper March 2021
  28. Town of Mamaroneck Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report
  29. The Problem with Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers -- Washington Post, 11/5/2023