MS4 Reports

Small municipal stormwater sewer systems (MS4s) that are located within the boundaries of a Census Bureau defined "urbanized area" are regulated under EPA's Phase II Stormwater Rule. This requires MS4s to develop a stormwater management program that will reduce the amount of pollutants carried by stormwater during storm events to waterbodies to the "maximum extent practicable". The goal of the program is to improve water quality and recreational use of waterways.

Annually, the Town prepares an MS4 report. Members of the public should feel free to contact the Conservation Department with any questions or comments on the report or request that an open public meeting be held to discuss the report. Written comments should be submitted via e-mail to the Conservation Department.

  1. Elizabeth Aitchison standing with American and Town flags

    Elizabeth Aitchison

    Environmental Coordinator

MS4 Annual Report