What You Can Do


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A lot of food gets wasted when we buy too much and don’t eat it in time. For a family of four, that could add up to $2,200 in wasted food every year! Plan, prep, cook and store better so you eat more of the food you buy.


Meal Planning

Estimate Your Food Needs

Figuring out how much food you need to create a meal — without generating waste — can be hard.  This Guest-imator  will help you save money and waste less food.

Plan Smarter

Reducing wasted food starts with simple meal planning you can do anywhere. Here are some planning tips, and remember: shop your fridge and freezer first!

Decipher Expiration Dates

Confused by dates on food labels? You’re not alone! Food labeling is often arbitrary which allows manufacturers to sell more by implying food is bad if we don’t eat it by a certain date. 

Understand the dates on products so you’re not wasting perfectly good food. 

Learn about how different foods can be safely consumed past the ‘use by’ date.

Read this Food Dating Guide (Spanish Version) from Feeding Westchester.


Meal Cooking

Dress Up Leftovers

Chop and sauté leftovers in olive oil or butter with some fresh garlic, salt, pepper and a splash of lemon. If you like, add other herbs and spices such as cilantro and ginger. Whether it’s tamales, chicken, ravioli, or vegetables, it works like a charm every time!  Here are some other tips from expert chefs.

Revive Wilted Food 

Overcooked that broccoli? Burned those beans? Not all is lost! Here are some useful ways to revive food you once might otherwise have tossed. 


Meal Prepping

Shop and Chop

If you plan it right, you can whip up a variety of meals for the week using many of the same ingredients. Get into the rhythm of food prep (whether it’s shopping, chopping, storing) so that you’re eating more of the food you already have. 



Store it Right

Storage matters. Some foods like being out in the open, some like hiding out in paper bags. Learn how to prolong the life of your food.

Freeze Better

Your freezer is one of the best ways to preserve food for later, even if only for a few days. Here are six freezing tips that will save you time and money.


Wasting Less with Kids

Measure for Success

Kids have smaller appetites than adults. Offer portions that fit their size and give second helpings as needed. If you pack their school lunch, give them food you know they’ll want to eat. Learn more.


Taking Stock of Take-Out

It’s Your Choice

“What’s for dinner?” is the question. Take-out meals often provide the most convenient answer. Get creative with using take-out leftovers, and eat it all. 

Remember the Doggie Bag 

Bring your own metal, glass, or other leak-proof container when taking meals or leftovers home. (Keep some in your car just in case — and remember your reusable bag to carry it all!)  


Free Materials

Life is busy. We all benefit from reminders to keep the momentum. Take advantage of these free materials designed to help you reduce the amount of food you waste.



Doing good feels good. By sharing our food with others, we waste less food, support our friends and neighbors and feel better about ourselves.


Share Your Sugar

Make New Friends

Instead of knocking on your neighbor’s door to borrow a cup of sugar, why not offer them a slice of the pie you baked but couldn’t finish, or some produce you bought that you couldn’t eat in time? You’ll be the most popular person on your block!


Share Your Best

Give and Take

The next time you enjoy a meal with friends, ask what their favorite tips are for reducing wasted food, and offer them your own best practices. Starting a friendly conversation is a good way to raise awareness. Share your tips with us too! 


Share Your Excess

Give What You Can

There is growing demand in our community for food assistance during these times, and your generosity can help others in need. Check with the Larchmont/Mamaroneck Food Pantry to learn the best way to share.